Saturday, June 2, 2012

At Pearson airport

6:45 pm and Irene and I are sitting in Terminal 3 waiting for our flight to Rome. The Air Transat Option Plus deal looks pretty good so far. We skipped the long queue in general check in and had priority tags put on our checked luggage. Let's see how good the in flight beverages are! Irene had her knapsack searched at Security. She had 2 knitting projects with NEEDLES which showed up as items of interest during its trip through the X-ray machine. Other than that it was all pretty routine. We visited the duty free store. Big promo for Wayne Gretzky's ice wine. Mike Weir's wines were also being touted. We got a bottle of Peller Cuvée Rose for when we find the villa in Castel del Piano. We will probably need it by then. I have a great view of a Gate gourmet trailer outside loading the plane at gate 31. Our plane is not at the gate yet. Flight doesn't leave till 8:30 pm. We touch down in Montreal for about an hour. Fortunately, we won't have to leave the plane. I just spent a little quality time with my new camera. I succumbed and bought a Nikon D5100 last Wednesday. Seems to work pretty well straight out of the box, which is just as well as I have not had time to get to know it. Fortunately, we have 3 other cameras for the trip so no one is depending on me to be the sole photographic recorder of the trip. We will try and blog whenever we can. Villa Aureli, our base for this Italian adventure, is supposed to have wireless. We will be able to verify that tomorrow.

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  1. I like that - jump queue via priority check-in - already a great start.

    What!!!? a new toy - well, at least it will lighten up all that baggage -ah- luggage) a little :)

    How's the weather? It's been rain, rain, rain here.