Monday, June 4, 2012

It's a little overcast today, but we are in Italy so what the heck.  We are taking a little break at the villa before heading off to Perugia, or not.  We had breakfast in the little village and then explored a pharmacy and a supermarket.  Carla, wife of the owner of the Villa Aureli, was most gracious and give us a bottle of marmalade and pointers to a cashmere outlet and will give us recommendations for restaurants in Venice.

We took some photos and here is a small selection of them.

Our brand new leased car with French plates.  Just enough room for our luggage.

Here's the Renault Scenic parked under the trees at the villa.

by now, you are probably wondering what the villa looks like.  It is fabulous and Sperello, the owner is great.  He showed us around yesterday and told us everything we needed to know about the villa.  They have vineyards, sheep, 2 dogs, 3 cats, chicken and a pair of ducks.  We had a bottle of the villa's white wine yesterday and enjoyed it immensely.

The living room on the "2nd" floor - there's another sitting room on the first floor.  I am sitting at the desk to the left of Florine and Petros, where the wireless is the strongest.  Sorry, don't have time to fix the crooked photo.

This is a view of the villa from the garden.
Gate to the courtyard of Villa Aureli

Courtyard.  Our apartment is on the top floor.  Entrance to the apt. is to left of the first arch.

Climbing rose in the inside courtyard. Lots of courtyards and nice gardens in this place.
That's it for now.  Looks like we are heading to Perugia.  Ciao!

Here is the link to photos from our first day in Italy:


  1. Oh, what a cute little car! Pity you can't bring it home :(
    The villa and apartment is very nice, very Tuscany. Should have a great view from that top floor.
    Is the cashmere store a yarn store? or clothing one? Don't go crazy shopping now - you have lots of time and limited luggage space...

  2. Yes, it is a cute little car. It has leather seats and a sun roof. We are in Umbria, not far from Tuscany. The cashmere store is a clothing outlet. We are not sure if/when we will be visiting it.