Monday, June 4, 2012

June 4, 12:41 pm

Yes, it's pretty late right now, but this is Italy!.

 After lazing away a few hours of the afternoon away--siesta time--we decided to go to Perugia.   It was pouring rain, but what the heck, we're on holiday, and we came prepared with rain jackets and umbrellas.  Off we drove, and with the help of Bonnie, our TomTom GPS (or Navigator here), we found our way to the parking lot of the MiniMetro.   Parking is free here, like at the GO stations.   The MiniMetro is like an electric rail train, each single train having 8 seats, and I don't know how many standing room passengers.   There are only 7 stops, and it goes all the way up the hill to old town Perugia.   Some German tourists got on at the 3rd stop I think, so at the end, we sort of followed them out of the station, and up the 3 long escalators to the exit.   Then we were on our own.  

The old city is surrounded by a wall dating back to the Etruscans.   We wondered around, and feeling hungry, since it was 4 pm, we went to the Caffe di Perugia, and sat down and had some food with cappucino.   Lovely meal.   The spelt salad was very good.  Spelt or faro seems quite popular here.   We continued sight seeing after our light meal.  We saw the Priori Palace, the Duomo, and then wanted to see the Etruscan Arch.   We came upon a fantastic view on the way there, but then we saw black clouds coming in really fast.   We turned around, and went back the way we had come and ducked into the University Library that we had passed.   I'm not sure how long we stayed in there, but it was pouring buckets, with thunder as well.  I think we left at 7  pm, hahah, when the library closed.   It was still raining, but not pouring, just a steady drizzle.

Walking back down to the Main Piaza, we had a little chat with a nice Italian girl, who was also in the library.   We stopped and had a quick espresso and gelato at a Caffe, then, decided to leave Perugia, since the MiniMetro closes at 9 pm.

We were looking for a restaurant to  have dinner, but the one we went to was closed.   Then Bonnie directed us to another one, but by the time we got there, it was closed.   Oh well, we went to our local bar, and we got some sandwiches and dessert, went back to V. Aureli, and had a great meal, supplemented with Proscuitto, cheese, and wine.   Late meal, but enjoyable.

Well, I don't have pictures, but Kat will have lots to post later I'm sure.

Time to go to bed.   Need to get up early and go on our wine tour, yoohoo!!!!

Link to photos for the day:

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