Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Perugia - photos

Here are a few of the photos we took in Perugia on Monday:

View from Pincetto, the MiniMetro station in the old part of Perugia.

The Great Fountain (13th century) which stands at the centre of the main square, was built as a monument to mark the success of a public initiative - the completion of the aqueduct which carried water from Monte Pacciano directly into the main square. 
The Cathedral of St. Lorenzo, designed around 1300 with building work continuing until the end of 1490.

Inside the Cathedral of St. Lorenzo

The Prior's Palace (Palazzo dei Priori)
The bell tower at the Prior's Palace

View of some buildings in Perugia - storm clouds in background.  We made it into the Library just before the rain came.

This photo is for Petros who really loves watching the sun set.  Not a great photo-taken on our  drive around the area in search of a restaurant.

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